The mission of Moving Forward...Reaching Back is to inspire and encourage all youth to dream beyond their circumstances through literacy, motivational productions and community outreach. 


Moving Forward...Reaching Back focuses on our three core areas: Literacy, Motivational Productions and Community Outreach. Programs under these core areas will help educate, inspire, and provide youth in all communities opportunities to explore their dreams and passions while gaining life experiences.


Moving Forward...Reaching back is an up and coming non-profit.  Established in 2015,  Moving Forward...Reaching Back is committed to changing the lives of the children we serve.  All youth deserve to DREAM, and it is our desire to provide opportunities for youth to not only dream, but be encouraged that their dreams can become a reality with hardwork, perserverance and dedication.  




Be inspired by our President/CEO



Thank you for visiting our page. This is a very exciting time for us as we start to implement our very strategic and intentional plan to strengthen our community. I do not believe there is a secret formula or special recipe to make a difference in the lives of others. It starts with passion. However, we all know passion is not enough to make a significant change. There are many passionate people making the egregious blunder of “passionately” watching and not getting involved. It takes individuals really moved by an issue (or issues), that are willing to put in the necessary work, to make a difference. We are a few of those people and you can be too.


Literacy, Motivational Productions and Community Outreach are the three areas we are determined to make a meaningful, measurable, impactful difference in our world. Illiteracy in youth and adults, is a very real, present day problem. Functional illiteracy is simply defined as having inadequate reading and writing skills needed to successfully manage daily living or employment tasks. We will make a difference in this area. Our motivational productions are educational, fun and encourage dreaming beyond an individuals circumstances. We will make a difference in this area.  We want to give back to the community in the areas that I just mentioned and also help with basic and practical needs. We want to provide the everyday needs that so many of us take for granted. We will make a difference in this area. 


Thank you again for visiting with us. As you browse through our website I encourage you to please consider connecting with us! Remember that involvement has many faces, for example you could get involved by telling a friend about MFRB. Generally speaking I think everyone wants to make a difference in this world. Think about becoming a volunteer and make a difference with us!  Consider a financial gift at any level.  Last but certainly not least, please do not forget about us. Non-profits cannot thrive, or actually even survive, without the support of those that believe in us. So if MFRB doesn't move you, find another local non-profit and get involved.


Thank you in advance. Let’s make a difference together.





Sirrico Whitfield


Moving Forward...Reaching Back

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