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The mission of Moving Forward Reaching Back is to inspire and encourage all youth to dream beyond their circumstances through literacy, motivational productions and community outreach. 


Moving Forward Reaching Back focuses on our three core areas: Literacy, Motivational Productions and Community Outreach. Programs under these core areas will help educate, inspire, and provide youth in all communities opportunities to explore their dreams and passions while gaining life experiences.


Moving Forward Reaching Back is a local, 501c3 non-profit.  Established in 2015,  Moving Forward Reaching Back is committed to changing the lives of the children we serve.  All youth deserve to DREAM, and it is our desire to provide opportunities for youth to not only dream, but be encouraged that their dreams can become a reality with hardwork, perseverance and dedication.  




Image by Katrina Wright

Start now. Hope heals.



Moving Forward Reaching Back is a youth development organization with aspirations to make a life long, immediate impact in our community, in our city, and in our world. We believe that  process starts with an intentional focus on the youth that we serve. We have learned that overcoming the challenges we face as a non-profit organization, is well worth the reward of a positive outcome no matter how great or small. Success is not measured in numbers attended. It is not measured in the prestige of the venue. Success in its purest form is changing the life of a child in a meaningful way. That is the underlying goal of all of our programs. Meaningful change.


Our three core areas are Literacy, Motivational Productions and Community Outreach. We have strategically developed programs specifically for each of these three areas. Literacy  is an essential building block for education. Without the ability to read and write learning becomes nonviable. Motivational Productions are programs geared to motivate, inspire and invigorate. Motivation breeds encouragement, encouragement breeds hope and with hope, anything is possible. Community Outreach programs are meant to serve the community with practical needs. A simple way to make a remarkable influence on people is meeting their practical needs.


We are invested and committed to this organization because we care. We believe that MFRB is making a difference and will continue to touch lives in a way that changes them forever.  Join us, support us, help us on this journey. The mission awaits us. 



MFRB President


Sirrico Whitfield

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