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Help us, help others.

Are you interested in volunteering with MFRB? 


We are dedicated to serving and building up youth, passionate about literacy and committed to community service. Start your amazing, fulfilling journey with us today! 

If you are interested in attending a Volunteer Interest Meeting, please send us your information below!


We cherish our volunteers.  We always strive to ensure you have an exceptional experience with our organization.  Whether you are a youth or adult, there are a variety of ways you can GET INVOLVED with us!

The more hands on the plow the lighter the load

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact us to attend an exciting and informative Volunteer Interest meeting!

Below are just a few of the opportunities that potential volunteers can help with!

Rico's World (Year Round)

Rico's World is a fun, educational interactive children's show.  The show is a "modernized urban-contemporary" Mr. Roger's with live characters.

   Could you...

  • Manage our A/V (sound)?

  • Be our photographer and/or Videographer?

  • Be a stage manager?

  • Be a part of the show as a live character?

  • Dress up in a customized character costume?

  • Set up and break down the set?

Fundraising Events (Year Round)

Multiple fundraising events throughout the year help us raise general funds that go directly back into our programs.

Give Local 757 (May)

Could you...

  • Post & Share on Facebook for the duration of the campaign?

  • Tell your friends and family about the campaign?

  • Be a committed part of the entire campaign?

Motivational Speaking Events 

This program is an opportunity to encourage youth, challenge them to see beyond their current circumstances and be inspired.

Could you...

  • Be a speaker?

  • Be a photographer/videographer?

  • Connect us with a group we could speak to?

  • Be a stage manager?

  • Help with marketing?

High School Vocal Elite (February - May)

Calling all High School students who want to share their vocal gift! 

​Could you...

  • Be our stage manager?

  • Be our Photographer and/or videographer?

  • Usher our guests?

  • Manage our sound?

  • MC the event?

  • Set up and break down the event?

  • Help sell tickets?

  • Help publicize the event?

Complete the information below to start our  volunteer process today!

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Youth or Adult?

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Your application was sent successfully! Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you shortly!

YOU are needed!

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